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at national. 40, yes 48 in cumberland. 57 in winchester and hagerstown and 69 in southern maryland. locally we have 60s. mid-50s in montgomery county from gaithersburg to laytonsville to 62 in columbia. a great day. sunshine. still very comfortable. highs around 80. >>> good morning. happy thursday, everybody. i wish we had better news for folks in maryland. right now an accident at cherry hill road. between park drive. actually we are seeing live pictures that sky 9 is carrying, i believe that's one of the cars involved in the accident. this is cherry hill road. it was blocking all lanes for most of the morning and it is still blocked in college park. -- we are zooming in on the accident zone so avoid the area if you can right now. we have another crash to report on the inner loop at pennsylvania avenue. that's another one to look out for in maryland as well this morning. taking a live picture on 270. right now southbound as we move to our live camera, right now no big problems reported from father hurley to the split. a little volume between germantown and i-370. good morning, virginia. hope
'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. we are in fantastic poolesvilleing maryland for this edition of hometown fridays. fox 5 morning news at 6:00 starts right now. very we are in fantastic poolesville, maryland. >> we give a big welcome on this friday morning. a beautiful sunrise and we are in northwestern n that this montgomery county. it is week number four for our hometown fridays and we're very happy to be with some of the good folks here in poolesville, maryland. already some folks coming out to say hi to us this morning. >> we are about an hour away from the nation's capital. technically, 35 miles from the white house. but this world out here is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the nation's capital. this area was founded on farming. while agriculture might not be the mainstay anymore, the charm of rural life remains. >> you can get here about 45 minutes from downtown washington if you don't have traffic to deal with. we have quite a bit coming up including the big history of this small town. we'll tap into the expertise of a couple of local historians including on
>>> now on fox 45 morning news. >> we live next door to a maryland state trooper, i guess3 you feel safe. >> a state trooper charggd with possesssng child pornography. what tips off investigaaors and why the trooper turned hiiself in. >> maayland ocial sscurity numbers exposeedon the internet. why safeguards didn't stop the security breach and how to find out if your identity ii safe.ú >>> and place your bets! where thousands f marylanders are expected to lay down their money on table gaaes. >>> good morning, it's tuesday, july 20th. you see the flag there blowing in an ever so slight breeze. all i felt was heat this morniig not so much breeze but we will see if that will be the case throughout the day. gooddmorning, i'm patrice harris. meteorologist steve fe fertig to ú%e us know if we can expect a >> we will get a 5-10-mile-an-hour uuts. >> that is nothing. >> not enough to cool you off. %-last hour in ballimore.y. dropped a degree or two. they will bounce back and start to limb toward the 90-ddgree high that we expecctto get to. to the west garrett county a little bit of ac
seconds after the earthquake all over central maryland, residents shared their experiences. heather wrote that she lived in elk grove and there was a loud sound. the earthquake woke others of. one woman wondered what kind of plane was taking off at the airport to shake us like that and then i realized that there was no claim. >> if you felt the earthquake, we would like to hear from you. >> ross sewage backups have frustrated a woman and she wonders if work crews caused the problem. that is where we find barry simms with more on the story. >> the sewage backup upset this woman, but who is responsible and who will pay for the cleanup? with help from her neighbors and family, sandra german is cleaning up the upper will sewage flowed into her home. >> i have had 70-year-old neighbors and my family down here and we have been bailing sewage out by the buckets. >> she believes the problem started after the county work on a sioux which lie outside her home. >> of this started to sink and the front yard sank. >> the switch line ran over the sewage cleanup cap on her property. >> there was a very
committee. he event eventually left tte house to become maryland's secretary under governor willia3 donald shaver. >>> get rrady for another hot weekend with high temperatures expected today and tomorrow. the city has issued a code red heat alert. several coooing centtrs will be open around altimore from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. they will offer water, ce and cool air. officialssare also asking people to check in on each other, especially the elderly and those who live alonn. also, beware of signs of heatstroke and heat exhaustion. they nclude confusion, nausea and lightheadedness. can you get a complete list of locations around baltimore city. >>> as you probably have been worried bge is warning this extremely hot cente summer is go lead to a lot of high energy bills. in june there were 14 days when temperatures topped 90 degrees. the same goes for july and there's still another week to go this month. bge warns thht even customers who keep their thermostat relatively high could still see higher biils this summer. -p>> it makes you want to consir doing, kee
it was like a >>> the maryland geological survey's website lists the strongest confirmed tremor in maryland was a 3.1 in hancock out in washington county. we are live in northeast baltimore where they have seen it all this week. >> reporter: well, you know, we were fortunate, i mean, as rare as that earthquake was, it was not particularly strong relative to what earthquakes can do, but, still, the reports coming in out of montgomery county, a 3.6. abc 2 was the first on the air to report that quake, but no damage out here from the quake. the hot weather has really helped things out out here. we have really stepped on the gas. 2:00 p.m. is crunch time, we have 24 hours to go. the crews are continuing to work around the clock to get this project done. the rain was a set back and today's quake could have pushed the project back even further. here's more. >> reporter: the rain is gone, but something happened this morning that could have put the project behind even further. >> we were the first ones to bring this to you, there was an earthquake in maryland. >> reporter: you probably heard about
. >>> today we are in poolesville maryland. >>> i'm here with the good folks. >> so many people have come out so far. you can see where everybody is this morning. we have our own musicians out here this morning. >> he has been here for us all morning. we also have a grand entrance coming up. we are going to highlight motorcycle club here in the area. we will have that later for you. >>> also a good look back at where poolesville comes from. >> we will talk with the commissioners of this town and we'll talk about the ferry. so we'll talk with the folks that run that. >> the whole crew is out here today. right now we want to say good morning to tony and tucker. >>> good morning. we have a guest, tucker -- take it easy. he sees his owner over there. this is theo. >> he is having a good time. >> it's okay. i'm going to get to the weather before anything happens here. we have a heat advisory going into effect today at noon. it is because we are expecting our temperatures to be in the upper 90s. >> would it be a dog day? >> it would be a dog day. very nicely done. it is going to feel
>>> it's almost here a. >>> now toofox 45 earll edition. maryland. the damage you're waking up to today. >>> she will train. childrrn. what is behind a spike in melanoma in kids. >>> they train and exercise, but is it a sport? the judge's ruling has put the future of cheerleading up for debate. >>> good morning. it's monday july 26th. it was rainy stormy day yesterday. will we get more of that today? we will find out. good morning i'm patrice harris. let's check in with meteorologist steve fertig. will we hii another record today. >>> yesterday hit the record of any record for any monthh it's 105 and we have already had 7 this year. we have had our shares. >> we had the thunderstorms and the ossible tornadic activity. we are looking forward to a much better week. 76 is the temperature inú baltimore and 77 in washington d.c. and in hagerstown 59 degrees. the dew pointssare going to be lower so that will make it more comfortable. most of the thunderrtorms well to the south now out of our way as the forgotten tal!! frontal moves welllin
severe storms rip through maryland, the damage you're wakkng up to today. >>> protection or pornography. a mother whose child went through an airport full body scanner speaks out. >>> and they train and exercise, but is it a sport? the judge's rulings that have put the futurr of cheerleading up for debate. >>> good morning. it's monday, july 26th. i'm patrice harris. a hot weekend. will we get more of the hot temmeratures for the workweek..3 meteorologist teve fertig is here to fill us in. we had hot temperatures and thunderstorms. i tried to hide in yesterday with the air-conditioning and i went out right when the storm started. i got caughh. 1 degrees for the the 5th time in the no which is an all time monthly record, too. hoo and humid with a chance of thunderstorms that were moving through, more than a chance, obviously did. today we have really little chance of seeing anything other than hot conditions but not as hot and lower hhmidity, not seeing any rain out there that has moved out of here to the south and east. 77 degrees in baltimore is we're looking at the fro
in the last half hour. he lived briefly in potomac maryland was transferred from kuwait to quantico for a possible trial. >>> the number of mislabeled headstones at arlington could be over 6,000 according to a senate investigation. the former superintendent of the cemetery tells lawmakers he takes full responsibility for the mislabeled graves. and a consumer alert this morning, another recall for toyota and lexus owners. the automaker is recalling more than 400,000 vehicles over concerns about a series system defect. it affects avalon and lexus lx 470. and time to head back out now live to greenbelt, maryland, for the finale of our hometown friday. tony, allison. >> mel, don't say it like that. that hurts. >> it's sad. it's been so much fun. >> this is week five and we are in greenbelt. greenbelt is fairly modern compared to the other communities that we have been in. it was established in 1937. it was the first city in the united states built as federal planned housing community. it was designed under the depression era resettlement era. but back then it was to provide low income h
are live out of prince george's county this morning. we are in greenbelt, maryland for this, the final stop on our hometown fridays tour. fox 5 morning news continues right now. >>> it is 6:00 and we are thrilled to be in the prince george's county. it is the final stop of our hometown friday tour this summer. we wanted to bring out as many people as we could. tony is here. we'll check in with him as well. >> holly is with us too this morning. you can't be in prince george's county and talk about greenbelt which is where we are this morning without talking about the goddard flight center so that is where she is this morning. we'll be talking with her very sortly. >> and beseeds what we think of greenbelt today, there is a lot of history in tbleen belted to talk about. we'll bring you all that history of the city. we have shared the history of places that we have visited all this month of july. green belt is a little different. it is one of the nation's first fully planned communities, born of the great depression last century as propossessed to t
morning news is hitting the road today. we are broadcasting live from poolesville, maryland from 6:00 to 10:00 as part of our hometown friday series. gurvir, steve, allison, tony, tucker, they are all going to be out there. if you are out near there, you may want to head over and see the crew. >> take them a bottle of water. >> it will be another hot day today. it will just continue and the temperatures will rise even higher as we move through into the weekend. let's start it off with a look at our weather headlines. we will put it all into officer spective for you. there is a heat advisory today and that is in effect from noon until 9:00 tonight. that is because, once we factor in the temperatures and the humidity, our heat in d.c. is going to be into the triple digits. it will feel like it is about 100 to 105 degrees or more. staying on the into the weekend as well. state, we get near 100 degrees and that is just for our temperature. we are watching tropical storm bonnie that actually formed last night. let's take a look at our current temperatures now. yesterday we were into th
it's the rumble everybody is talking about. million of marylanders were rudely awakened. the problems this quake could have caused, kelly mcpherson has the story. >> reporter: state inspectors are checking infrastructure all across the state to make sure the quake did not affect infrastructure. but a lot of people are just excited about the earthquake. >> i think that may have been an earthquake. >> reporter: did you or did you not feel the earthquake? for about three minutes the earth moved rocking homes and buildings across maryland, d.c. and virginia. >> for a moment i thought someone was in the house because i felt something, but then it stopped. >> reporter: early risers still felt they experienced what is more typical on the west coast. >> you really didn't feel it, i heard it. >> reporter: and it sounded like. >> a med sack, like it was flying over the house. suddenly i told him, something just happened. i don't know what was. i mean the whole house just shook. it totally shook. >> just like a real hard vibration on the whole house, we were in bed. >> reporter: some people were
told you about a few moments ago in caroline county in maryland. that has been taken down. no tornado warning in caroline county as the storm system as we showed you has pushed into delaware. what you are seeing dehere, i will get a closer look at it. the counties in red is where we do continue to see a tornado warning that's in effect for t about another 15. and that's in kent county and central delaware and newcastle county in northern delaware. de there is your storm system. it rm slooks less impressive, b still tornado warning in effect until 7:15, efnot in maryland b in delaware. current conditions, we're delan seeing rain across the washington area. what we are gtonseeing is some misty conditions and a mix of clouds and some sun. 75 degrees is your current temperature. 84% humidity. winds out of r erthe southwest miles per hour. here is your forecast for today. mostly cloudy, showers and thunderstorms are likely. k it will be warm and humid. high about 87 and degrees. de that's a look at what is a happening with the weather. we we athave more coming up in a little bit. right no
>>> now on fox 45 morning news. >> i have found that artner, thaa maryland partnee to help uú turn annapolis arounn. >>> turning to faaebook. theebig announcement bob ehrlicú made on the social networking site. >> last hug, mom and dad, last hug.3 >> every day people become midshipmmn. we are live at the naval academy induction day as their transformation takes lace. hurricane alex. >>> good morning. it's thursday, july 1st. i'm patrice harris..3 let's get a check of our forecaat as we begin this first day of a new month, meteorologist steve fertig is here. >> wwll, the nnw month starts -ff where the old month ended. of course the old month had a lot of hot and humid days. >> yysterday was not one of ú%em. >> yesterday was not one of them. we finished with tempeeatures in the 80s and low humidity. >> if tte rest f july could stay thaa way, you would be on the top of everybody's best friend list. >> if ii would, but it won't. enjoy today and tomorrow because things are goinn to go back to weather or the holiday weekend. today should be a beauty. 60 in salisbury and 57 in as you
of maryland seeing the remnants moving off the southern part of the eithhr shore. dew points in the low 70s andn that mmans the humidity is going to mmke it feel warmer, it %-make!!atmosphere and itmakes . the traffic edge. here is candace. debbie as part of the morning commute..3 light activity on theebbltway traveling at harford road. we're in the green from 95 up toward 83 in fact, so right now clip, 54 miles per hour. looking good as well from the beltway, favorable conditions, 3 minutes 55 miles per hour there. ooly 53 miles per hour with an 8-minute drive on southbound 895 from the haabor tunnel all the way down toward 95. that's a look at the morning travels. patrice, back over to you. >>> 5:02 on fox 45 early edition. a city police officer accused of raping a woman on a rouuine traffic stop will learn today if he will face criminal charges. megan gilliland joins us live from city police headquarters with more onnthe investigation released good morning. >> reporter: good morninn, patrice. police have been combing through the officer'' police cruuser searching for forensic evidence.
back out to poolesville, maryland for more from the crew there. we are going to be back in a moment. don't go anywhere. looks like they are treating them pretty well out there. ♪ (announcer) we all want to stay active. we don't want anything... slow us down. but even in your 30s... ...your bones can begin to change. overtime, you can begin to have bone loss. calcium and vitamin d work together to help keep your bones strong. and yoplait gives you... ...20% of your daily calcium... ...and is the only leading yogurt with vitamin d in every cup. keep your bones strong every day... ...with yoplait. >>> we quantity do a hometown friday without breaking out the food at some point. this is courtesy of basset restaurant. >> basset's fine food and spirts. >> reporter: we can call it basst's. you guys have been here for quite some time. >> 19 years. >> reporter: you must have a secret to all that success. dave, are you breaking out the specialties? >> we have barbecue here. made with five different beans. delicious. coleslaw, ribs, stuffed mozzarella salad, a crab and avocado salad.
. >> hold up high and get a towel. >>> check out maryland. it is a muggy day out here. we have some clouds mixing with the sunshine and we are expecting temperatures today, which will be moving on to a higher priority here than they are now. in the 70s, upper 70s in many areas south. as we head to the 9:00 you are hour get ready for 80s. we will get there quickly. sunshine and a couple of clouds. lunchtime looks sunny in most areas. 92 frederick. 87 across parts of southern maryland. even western maryland, cumberland in the upper 80s and later this afternoon, slight chance of a thunderstorm and in a couple of spots. many highs will be above the 90- degree mark. look at the maryland traffic this morning. here's patranya bhoolsuwan. >> thank you, howard. staying dry out there. my goodness. a look at route 29 an industrial parkway. one of the intersections where i believe traffic lights are still not working and crews are on the scene trying to direct traffic out there. as we heard from kristin, 20 lights are not working. intersections are not working properly here. so do be extra careful. as
. >>> some residents from maryland will have to spend the weekend using less water. it'll be a few days before a faulty water main is replaced. sherri ly has the latest on this. >> reporter: you know what? the good thing is, they caught this early, before that water main actually broke. wssc crews had been working around-the-clock trying to make repairs. the next step was for them to cut it out and replace a 16-foot section of the 96-inch water main. water restrictions will remain in place for prince georges and montgomery counties. lynne rigins joins me. >> take shorter showes , don't run your dishwasher or washing machine unless it's full. don't flush your toilet unless you use it. if you can cut water consumption by 1/3, it will help other customers and fire protection. >> reporter: you cut out a concrete section to test the waters that reinforce the concrete of this water main, what did you find? >> we found that our proactive technology and proactives, indicated what wires were failing. we exposed the wires, did a cockpit annuity test on them and some of the wires failed. we need
of light sprinkles out in western maryland and some of the other radars are indicating that just a few of those are touching the ground. so it's possible there will be a light shower. most of the rain will hold off until the evening commute and during the nighttime hours tonight as this little piece of energy, see it out into central ohio and eastern kentucky, that will move through here late today and tonight and that will give us a chance of showers. and another piece of energy will come through tomorrow and give us an even better chance of -- we need the rain around here even though we got some on saturday, more needed showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. upper 80 -- 80s to about 90. muggy and showers in the forecast for the day tomorrow. much nicer by wednesday, thursday and friday. hot with highs back in the mid- 90s. >> so a hot week. not 100-degrees but hot. >> certainly more than normal. >>> let's look at traffic with julie wright. >> not so bad if you're traveling in either direction at the wilson bridge with the lanes open. inbound route 50, two pickup trucks stopped, causing
rice makes it's return to maryland. researchers found infected mosquitoes in anne arundel and the virus could be spread to animals and humans statewide. >>> a warning for bge customers. your next bill is likely to be highier. the increase is blamed on the hot summer. some customers are warned your next bill could be doubled. >>> a report between northwest airlines and the afaa is coming to light. northwest failed to follow safety orders for a decade and they weren't punished. many allocations brought by whistle blowers -- northwest merged with delta last year. >> new this morning. a panel filed investigations against a new york democrat, charles wrangle. the committee criticized him in multiple instances. he's prepared to fight back. this couldn't have happened at a better time for me. it gives me a opportunity to respond to my friends. >> he's accused of failing to report rental income and using four pardon me you -- apartments in new york city. >>> and turning to sports, the oriole's mounting frustration with little hope boils over. the first baseman started a string of ejections for
, in montgomery county, maryland. >> i heard you got advanced warning in your house? >> reporter: i don't know if this is common or not. but about five minutes before the thing happened, the dog, he went nuts. began whimpering and complaining. not barking. but was very, very upset about something. thought wanted to go outside. we got to the front door and he didn't move. maybe he knew what was coming. >> maybe he did. but in my house, that could mean anything. okay. john donvan, thanks very much. >> glad to hear there were no injuries. >>> now, let's go to matt gutman, in buras, louisiana. has the latest on what's going on in the gulf. good news. promising news. >> reporter: good morning, robin. sealed for now. this is the home run that bp had been hoping for. its first major success. it's not game over yet. this is a temporary fix. we're learning that the pressure readings inside the well are not nearly as high as scientists would like them to be. nearly 18 hours in. and it's holding. this colossal cork called the stacking cap, plugging oil. shooting up with a force of 70 fire hoses. 3 months
to a legal analyst about the indiccment. that is coming up in the 6:00 hour. >>> maryland's governnrrrace is thh new poll shows governor martin o'malley and former governor bob ehrlich are the resnnck poll did a poll over tte phone. responders prefer on candidates and 5% is undecided. a ssrhave a released llst week showed ehrlicc ahead for the first time leading by 3%. >> stay tuned to fox 455morning news for continuing coverrge of we will talk about how rellable polls are in a race four months out. that is coming up in an hour. >>> don't fooget the fox 45 neww has the lateet information on the run for governorr go to and click on the 2010 ivon in the news features stage. >>> the ooe bam adminnstrrtion s trying to sussend oil drilling in the gulf of mexico again. the interior department sayss33 ú%ere are new questions about safety and response capabilities and until thooe questions are answered a drilling suspensionn3 is essential..3 >>> attorney general errc hooder may not be finished chhalenging arizona's mmigration law, but as major garrett reports, the %-backlash by
, maryland. police are still investigating this accident. no word on the condition of the two injured passengers. >>> road maintenance over northern virginia has reached a critical point. those are the words of fairfax county officials pushing for more funding from the state. county board chair sent a letter to virginia senator yesterday. he's the majority leader and also a democrat from fairfax county. she said the roads have fallen into disrepair, potholes unfixed. grass unmowed. she said fairfax county will receive less than two grand for secondary road construction over the next two years. >>> metro will fix two broken he le be -- escalatorses. riders have been huffing up and down those 120 steps. the work is a slow process because some parts are no longer availab available. >>> if you're traveling on metro. add extra time. work on the red, yellow and blue lines. new york avenue and brentwood station on the red line. delays between shady grove and twin brook on the blue line delays will be between braddock and van dorn and between brad don't and huntington station on the yellow li
of cameras there is a positive benefit. >> reporter: that's the view of police in howard county, maryland. >> and we've had a significant reduction in the incidents of red light running and very significant reductions in crashes -- overall crashes at intersections as a result of the red light cameras. >> reporter: john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> communities often ask the federal government to match money for red light cameras. many want the cameras there for safety, not just to reduce revenue. >>> it is the earliest time a category 2 storm has formed in over 30 years. this morning people in mexico and texas are checking out the damage from hurricane alex. we'll go live to port isabel, texas, next. >>> and a suspect arrested overseas in connection with the russian spy ring goes missing, other suspects are expected in court this morning into and also ahead the smithsonian folk life festival is gearing up. we'll check in with holly on the national mall this morning. it is now 7:19. we'll be right back.  >>> heavy rains and whipping winds in texas. even know the state avoided a direc
people's minds. >> i was like, was this an earthquake? no, this is germantown, maryland. it's not an earthquake but i guess i was right. >> reporter: you said you got a phone call shortly after. >> i d. one of my friends called me to make sure i was okay. another one of my friends called later. are you okay? i'm like, i'm fine. it wasn't that bad but, yeah, an earthquake in germantown, maryland, go figure. >> reporter: you don't seem too shaken by t. some people are a little unnerved. are you going with the flow? >> it is a little strange. it kind of makes you wonder about the weather lately. in the beginning of the year in february we had all that snow. now we're having 90-degree weather, like 100-degree weather and now an earthquake in montgomery county? strange business. >> reporter: it's enough of this nonsense, isn't it? thank you very much. i hope the rest of your day is less shaky. i talked to people from germantown. i've had people out in gaithersburg from mt. rainier, from arlton, virginia. i did call some folks in annapolis who say they did not feel it. i have some
in the area are without power. 262,000 in montgomery county, maryland. 43,000 without power in baltimore. 48,000 in northern virginia. and the clean-up has just begun. the damage is so severe and so widespread that as of now, they have no timetable as to when most places will be back online. in maryland, i'm kristin fisher for cbs news. >> thank you. >>> there were also severe storms in the midwest and rising floodwaters caused an iowa dam to break. cbs news correspondent cynthia bowers is in delhi, iowa, with the latest. good morning, cynthia. >> reporter: good morning, betty. what's amazing about this is that this concrete dam has stood since the 1920s when it was built for hydroelectric power. the lake it formed had provided generations of iowa families with an affordable getaway until a stream came crashing down, taking out a 30-foot section of concrete. a nine-mile lake was reduced to a puddle. the sad news for folks here is in a recession, finding the money to rebuild this thing may be next to impossible. no loss of life is the only good news here. betty? >> all right, cbs's cynthia bo
in the murder of a prominent maryland artist. the woman was found stabbed to death in a d.c. alley on monday just three days after she was reported missing from her rockville studio. police used surveillance video to track down her alleged killer. >> i don't believe it was anything much more than some sort of business or work relationship. they worked in areas that were in close proximity to one another and may have had some sort of contact. >> this is a heinous, violent act and this man is off the street right now. >> the suspect is 35-year-old raymond williams of kensington. he has been charged with premeditated murder and is being held without bond. >>> police in california have for you released surveillance video they hope will solve the murder a fairfax county man. of his a computer engineer who was in oakland last sunday getting ready for a job interview with google. police say this tape shows the suspects in his death. he was robbed at gunpoint and shot to death outside a dentist's office. >>> two children are in the hospital after they were hit by a car last night at the intersection
, mississippi. >>> a grand jury indicted a suspect in the murder of maryland state trooper wesley brown killed outside a forestville restaurant last month. anthony milton, jr. faces five charges including first degree murder. prosecutors say another suspect was also charged in the killing. he is in custody but has not yet been indicted. >>> a former virginia teacher is facing 10 years in prison after pleading gety to molesting a student. prosecutors say kevin ricks made friends with his victims and on occasion gave them tequila shots before molesting them. police say it was facebook that tipped someone off. a young friend of victim discovered sexually explicit messages between the victim and ricks on the site. but his legal problems are not over. federal prosecutors are charging him with child pornography. >>> one of the leaders of the most powerful drug cartels in mexico is dead this morning. details of massive raid. >>> plus, hundreds of people killed in flood waters. we are checking world headlines next on fox 5 morning news. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg, where
activity in baltimore, though. it's on 25th street that is right at maryland avenue. that is a look at your morning travels. patrice, back over to you. >>> ttink you got what it takes to be the next american idol? ♪ ♪ before this ♪ i know i can depend on him 7 already underway. we want to get you to the front of theeline. it's fox 45's baltimore idol. on thursday, july 29th, come to east point mall and the winner of our singing contest will get a guaranteed audition in front of american idol producers in new jersey. for more information go to fox 45 baltimore idol is rought to you by east point mall, mix 106 and fox 45 morniig news. >>> still ahead president obama apologized to the woman forced out of her job at thh ddpartment of aggiculture. coming up our political commentator weighs in on the matter. >>> next staying on your a game to get your next job.ú what employers may be lookinn at Ñéáá'q'qry y y y eáe >>> after slumping the day before, stocks came roaring bacú on thuusday. the dow rallied to gain roughly lots of strong earning reports and a better than expected >>the
to the north and west at this hour. notice in western maryland and west virginia, that line of shower activity is associated with an upper level low that will come through later today and that would spark off more widespread showers and thunderstorms. so bottom line, more clouds than yesterday, temperatures are still going to be warm. muggy out there. and we stand a good chance of seeing some widely scattered and thunderstorms. all right, off to a warm start. 78 at reagan national. fredericksberg, 77. ocean city, 80 degrees. we're going to hit the 90s again this afternoon with a lot of cloud cover. high of 92. very humid with winds out of the west at 5 miles per hour. i'll let you know if we have any cool air on the five-day. i have a hint. we don't. but i'll show that to you any way. let's get to lauren demarco with traffic. >>> a new accident reported northbound 295 at pennsylvania avenue. in the outer loop through montgomery county from college park past university boulevard, from this camera angle toward silver spring, we do have some slow traffic. 66 inbound slow through manassas and from
tt heat. that brings the number of heat related deaths n maryland now to eight compared to 6 last year. with safety a top priority bbltimmre city officials have extended a code red heat alert through today. whhle temperatures are expected to fall bblow triple digits %-into thheupper 90s.3úll reach big cities can be hit hardesttby the concrete, asphalt and sttel absorb more solar eeergy duringú the day and are slow to release it at night. officials are warning people to ú% on the look outtfor heat exhaustion, symptoms include -lammy skin, dizziness and even3 vomiting the cooling ccnters will be open thhoughout the city. anne arundel and har harford hae opened cooling centers. for more inffrmaaion go to lnks. >>> mta s starting a new that is where we find joel d smith liie at pen station where ffustrrted commuters have been delayed for more than hoor redently. %-maainggchanggs. mta is they have seen the complaints and havv seen the problems. -t the they are going to make. ú%re that water is on most the trains.3 they have water n standby. they will have t
,,33 new jersey. on the weetern part f maryland. sooe of that activity will move through tte central ounties and -he eastern shore later this morning and through the %-wise.n baltimore temperaturehe 75 ind.c. 75 in hhgerstown. a hot and humid day as tempeeatures cliib toú%90 degre. kcan't rule outta shower oo thunderstorm. it justtwon't be aa widespread as it ould be. we will alk about the timing of thh storms but right now candac3 %--> reporter: steve, thosee. storms did comm through ú%sterday and a llt of rain. in fact, now it's causing flooding thii morning. you will ind it n the ramp ú% to northern parkway. just be aware, it's right t the -ase of the ramp. it will definittly slow you down movinn through the area. on 83 just above the beltway, traveling ttrough altimore county, things look muuh betterr there are no ncidents to3 report. here, it is, northbound and southbound lanes the cars are zipping along in both directions. as for the beltway scooting throuuh the area from 83 up toward 795 wiee i!! 795 ww're i8 minntes at 52 miies ppe hour. and an lech-minute ride --
side lane in derwood, maryland. police are still investigating this accident. no word on the condition of the two injured passengers. >>> road maintenance in northern virginia has reached a quote crisis point. those are the words of fairfax county officials pushing for more funding from the state. county board chair sent a letter to virginia senator yesterday. the majority leader the. also a democrat from fairfax county. she said the roads have fallen into disrepair, potholes is unfixed, grass is unmowed. she said fairfax county will receive less than two grand over the next six years for secondary road construction. >>> metro crews still trying to fix those broken escalators at the dupont circle stop. only two are still out of service. on wednesday four were out. riders have been huffing up and down those 120 steps. metro said repair work is a slow process because some of the parts are no longer available and have to be custom made. >>> if you're riding metro this weekend you want to add some time to your trip, there will be work on the red, yellow and blue lines. on the red line dela
used by bradley manning, a 22-year-old from potomac maryland. . >>> we have much more ahead on the wiki leaks controversy. just after 7:30, we'll talk with military analysts with fox news about what kind of danger the leak could present. >>> a lot of people feeling the effects of the storm this morning. if your home or property has been damaged, how do you go about handling the insurance claims? how do you better prepare incase something like this happens to you in the future? >>> as we head to break, a live look outside right now, 270 at montrose. we'll get the latest weather and traffic for you coming up next. it's 9 minutes after 7:00. ecic >>> making headlines this morning, the washington interfaith network is planning to put jobs in neighborhood investment first. hundreds of groups packed the asbury united methodist church pressing candidates to make jobs their number one issue if elected. >> need to support our people so they have the skills to be able to qualify for jobs in the district of columbia and be able to get those jobs. >> the last four years are a demonstration of sever
.o.v. violators during the morning and evening rush hours on interstates across maryland and virginia. in the first h.o.v. awareness day back in may officers pulled over nearly 1,000 violators and arrest -- two fugitives. >>> another big story this morning, frightening moments on board a flight from dulles out west. dozens of passengers were injured when the flight to los angeles hit unexpected turbulence. and gurvir has the latest on what happened. >> reporter: the flight was over kansas city when it was hit by extreme turbulence, tossing passengers and crew members around. passengers say the plane took a great dip and described it as an up and down motion. 30 people were injured, most had bruises, whiplash, strains and sprains but some people did have to be hospitalized. others were treated at the scene. here is what one passenger said happened. >> all of a sudden the plane dropped probably 20-30 feet. i saw at least two people hit the ceiling. the girl in front of me two rows, i saw her hit the ceiling and slam back down. luckily i had my seat belt on. >> reporter: after everybody
the region. that 3.6 was center in the germantown, maryland. it was the strongest to hit within 30 mile of d.c. since officials started keeping records. bp says the capped off well appears to be holding steady. tests show the oil is staying inside the pipe and not escaping somewhere elgs under the sea floor. >>> and prince george's county need your help finding this man. surveillance video shows him pointing a gun at the clerk and demanding cash and cigarettes. the hold-up happened on wednesday. so far no arrests. >> and it's friday. it's a hot one. how is that week looking? >> another heat wave in the making, believe it or not. >> could you lie to us, veronica? >> i would love to. let's look outside. we do have hot spots. hazy skies across the area. hazy skies and we've got a little mike issue here. 97 degrees for a temperature, heat index. it feel like 101. the dew point temperature is at 65 degrees. a light wind out of the southeast at 14 miles an hour. today, pretty hot when you factor in the high moisture content. by 9:00, we dropped to 86. then 82 degrees by 11:00 a.m. a very warm spot at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >>baltimore is the deaddiest city in maryland for aggressive pedestrrans theii lives. %-city is trying to put the ras on theeaggressive driving. >> reporter: it'' been a week but there's still piercing pain. >> i landed on my arm. >> reporter: for shawna is the victim of a hit and run driver. >> i don't know. i didn't see the driver. ii was like a gllre. >> reporter: she is four months pregnant, there was no injury to the baby but she has scrapps and bruises on her arms3 and hands from the incident. meses saa police say a dark colv struck her. she had the green light. ú%icken. i was coming this way, and i went overrand i was in the ir. that was the end of it. i fell on my ace and my stomach really, really hard, and he kept going. >> reporter: and she is one the latest peddstrians struck in %-baltimore city has the ighest rate of 31% of the total number of pedestriaa crashes in marylandd transporration offfcials say tyyically speed is why there's soomany accidents. >> a speedinn in the city of baltimore is -- it's very ú%gh volume of p
money. >> the state of maryland is losing close to $2 million a day revenue when it's going out of state and it's a lot of money. >> cordish paid the state more than $28 million in liccnsing fees to build a inowe at arunnel mills. >>> no more on core, the final curtain is here for the former ownerr officials say thh city ownedd3 theater must go dark tied. but joel d smith is live at the theater wwere it seems there might be more drama, good morning, joel. >> reporter: here's been a a lot of people know about tte senator. it's been here ffr 71 years and thousand could be the last day they shoo movies in a long time. you come over here and you get -ear the door and you can still smell the lingering poocorn smell. and the last show they're dding, theenew hope, star wars for free theelong time owner and the operator of his place, started ú%ound 1177 when store wars came out. it's going to finish that way, also. thii week new management will take over. like the aagood movie there could be a twist. the former owner and current operator has 2,000 friends whoo3 havv been protesting the decis
this weekend. >> we are now living here in the city of baltimmreeand the state of maryland. it's an opportunity for us to exprrss ourselves. for ussdancing is like prayer i3 motion. for ussto give thanks to thh creatorr the way we ove and the -ay we sttp has a meaning and purpose. we are rrally showing our teachiig whether ii be from a small childrrn to even at an oller age. it's a way to give people individualiallvisually what we ú ú% reporter: can youugive s a taste of what theyycan expect gg for it. -7 ♪3 ♪. >> reporter: the 36th annual pow-wow and native american festival is at the maryland fairgrouuds on saturday and -unday. for more information log on to it looks like it may be a wet weekend. anooher warm one, 90 degrees -aturday and sunday. ú%chance f shhwers on saturday, but this is an indoor event so a good chance to be indoors. there's a a little bit of rain weekend to come out and p>> we're gettinggmore rain today. i donnt know if that is legend or not, we may have to ask them if there'sssuch a thing as rain dance. we re look forwarr to more rri
'heard about all of the watch and warnings, the heat is blamed for two deaths in maryland this week. already, 16 have died from the heat. the latest victims were senior citizens. one was found outside and one inside the house in baltimore. >>> compare this to last year, they were six heat related deaths in maryland. >>> the health officials are warning that everyone should take the heat wave seriously. the tips are simple and they could save lives. try to stay indoors and stay cool and drink fluids and check on the elderly and don't leave children or pets in hot cars and if you're traveling, take water to drink and also, for the car radiator incase you break down. you can find the tips on >>> we're following a developing story. hundreds of teachers are fired following staff evaluations. we're live outside of the head quarters with the new details. what do you know? >> reporter: well, this wasn't a big surprise. a lot of people have been talking about the firings and no one knew human employees would be let go. not long ago, i had a
poolesville, maryland from #:00 to 10:00 as parted of our hometown friday series. gurvir, steve, allison, tony and tucker, the whole gang will all be out there so if you are in that area, can you head to wayland commons and meet the crew out there. it will be a hot one though. so keep in mind, stay cool if you can. here you go. cool way to beat the heat in japan at least. temperatures soared to 100 degrees in tokyo. a group built a bowling lane being piends an bowling balls all from ice. the group is trying to boost an interest in the sports so she set up this ice cold alley right in the middle of the business district. why doesn't somebody build one of those in dupont. >> that is a real innovative suggestion. >> it would melt pretty quickly here though today. >> i think so t was hot yesterday but it will be even warmer today. as the weekend progresses, we'll see it get even worse. i am just giving you fair warning on that. as we start off, temperature- wise, yesterday, we were into the 90s. we were above seasonal. that will continue as well so be prepared. 96degrees at national airport. 95 at
the 14th street bridge. we've been talking about a water main break in suitland, maryland. silver hill road near route 4, pennsylvania avenue, crews are on scene. we do have several lanes closed and we did get some video in i believe of this scene. definitely effecting traffic and we'll have -- will have an impact approaching route 4 in suitland. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. gurvir, steve, back to you -- allison, pardon me. >>> a fairfax county man is accused of trying to join a terrorist group. he makes his first court appearance this morning and stacy cohan is live in alexandria with our top story today. stacy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. 20-year-old zachary chesser is in federal custody awaiting his hearing at 10:00 a.m. here this morning at the alexandria federal courthouse. take a look at a photo we have of zachary chesser. he was a one time oakton high school student and he studied foreign language. and the case against him is au tube video posted in 2008 by chesser from a prohamas rally near the white house. he apparently now goes by the name abual
. pamela brown is standing by in rockville. the official at the center is germantown, maryland? >> we spoke to a seismologist and he says that the epicenter was 10 miles northwest of rockville. the magnitude of the earthquake was 3.6 which was minor. that is unusual in our area. there has only been a couple of minor earthquakes in the last couple of years in d.c. one man told me it was more sound than shaking. he heard a huge rumble and went outside to see what was going on and he realized it was an earthquake. some people did not realize it until we told them. >> we have a trained near my house and it goes by and i thought it was bad. it was way too strong for that. >> i was sitting on the floor this morning and it started moving. i was wondering what it was. >> i am scared. i did not know this would happen out here. out and iked me thought was a storm and i looked out and it was clear. i don't know what the world is coming to. >> everyone has their own account of what they experienced this morning. it is really business as usual now. people have come to grips with what happened this morni
-breaking temmeratures.ú ú% it feels like 111. -rink a lot of water. it's maryland weather. %-just wait a second, it's goiig >>>he thermostat read 100 degrees yesterday afternoon at bwi thurggod marshal airport surpassing the previous record so farrthis year the region has seen four yearssof triple depth temperatures and might not be over just yet. all of this heat means that the cciy's code aation weather plaa code red is exppnddng today. four addiiional rec centers will be open at cooling centers and private homeless helters are beinggaskkd to increaseetheir operating hours. joel d smith has more on code red at a place where heat is the enemy. and seeing you in a jacket means you are n a place very far away where where we are. ú% reporter: 15 degrees..3 we ot at the north pole. 15 degrres here, and this place is lwaas looking out for the heat. 900degree difference out there to in here. i got john mcfierson.side, and people who have to work outside in all of this today. >> i feel sorry for the people who arr the roofers and the ú%ople who work on the roads, itts got to e toogh. >> reporter:
, that is a field just a few miles outside of d.c. -- maryland, actually. looks pretty good to me. >> looks good. >> we'll get you the late nest a live report from down there. >> wow. >> in just a couple of minutes. we're very happy there's no damage or injuries. >>> take a look at another great picture. this is a sight gulf coast residents have waited nearly three months to see, oil -- no oil gushing from that busted pipe in the gulf. it is a relief for a lot of people. but bp cautions no one should celebrate just yet. remember, this is an integrity test on that new cap, engage the pressure within the ruptured oil well. of course it's only a temporary fix until the relief wells are operational. we'll have more on that just ahead. >>> plus casey anthony, the florida mom accused of murdering her own daughter, breaks down in court as she sees her entire family for the first time in 20 months. we'll have details coming up. >>> we'll begin with that breaking news, an overnight earthquake felt in and around the nation's capital. people working in our washington studio felt it. that is where our tom c
injuries. >> marylanders woke up to an early-morning earthquake. it was a 3.6 magnitude earthquake that happened at 5:04 a.m. in germantown area. there are reports of it being felt from york county pennsylvania to virginia. it is the largest earthquake to hit maryland. Ñoçpççç >> good morning. a quick look at h.d. doppler radar. storms in maryland last evening have moved off shore. a couple storm complexes in kentucky. if they make the trip across the mountains and survive, probably that would pass south of us today. it would be on the edge of a boundary between warmer air and drier air to the south. 76 degrees. 87% the humidity. the barometer is down a little bit but showing a rising tendency, and the winds are calm. our forecast partly cloudy. maybe an isolated storm today. a better chance south of us, but even that would be isolated. southwest winds at 7 to 12. 93 to 98 for the high. if you are going to be down in the ocean today, a chance in baltimore for a scattered thunderstorm or two. partly cloudy forecast for saturday and sunday. 88 for the high on sunday. >> thank
a new poll for the maryland's governor race is placing bob ehrlich and roberto mallly. robert, o'malley. >>> that volume is increasing on the entire west side stretch all >>> 6:43 now on this wednesday morning and for now, dry out there, for the ost part. look at sky hd radar and only on the southern part of the eastern shore do we see a couple of3 remnants of showers that moved out of virginia and mmved across that part of the state. otherwise, watching the area toetothe midwest that is where e frontal boundaay is. that could be by tomorrow,ú fairly strrng. we will take a look at that in a %-76 degrees the temppratures in baltimore. 77 in d.c. and 69 in hagerstown. %-numbers, they have climbed a little bit and should continue %-the humidity is especially lar today and on thursday. it will move out by the weekend in time to enjoy a great weekend in fact. the better hance as i say it will be the as the front pushes through tomorrow by the late morning some showers and %-the afternoon as you can see3 some thunderstorms popping up later in afternoon for the eastern shore as well.
bank. oldest black owned bank in maryland openeddfor 88 years. >>> governor man tin martin o'my one of the biggest campaign signs in the area being is stored away. -oel d smith is live with the man behind the sign that has it's not only thh sign that has big, joel. >> reporter: that's ight. right heee. it's not up right now because stove colbey the owner of this it's on the back of this pickup truck but noo theekind of atttntion he wants em to se peoe it. today things get a little more serious wwen you'ring about hit the air waves for the fiist governor martin o'malley's commmrrial hits the ir waves and it touts the $5.7 million in cuts on the budget. that's what it talks, but we're here to talk with steve colbey aaout the sign nd 3 point lead for your candidate. whattdo you think?ú >> it's a great year for republicans innthe state of maryland joel. >> reporter: and maybe that is reflecting itt seef in the poll..3 we wiil see when things comeeup. as for you it's reached the federal lew suit level. what took it there instead of you arguing abouttsomething. >> i would have likkd
capital of maryland, but just for 24 hours. governor martin o'malley will be in the city today to ame it capital for a day. the monthly program wws started by governor o'malley in 2007. it brings the state apital to %-thhough a series of events and the chosen cities, towws and up billions of dollars ú%h pentagon officials ssy they have no idea where all that money went. >>> i'm mily gracie live at east point mall for baltimore idol. >>> we have you and patrice out3 there, both because it's so big. >>>reporter: absolutely crazy. i'm jjined by alexis. how long have you bben in line >>>we got ere sometime in the %->> reporter: who would yours. sayyyou're most like? ú% i sing like, maybe a little januarjanice ssmething along the liness >> could we have a little bit of singing? >> absolutely.ú >> have you ome here for date ♪ ♪ have you come here to play jesus ♪ ♪ to the leepers i leepprs in y♪ >> love it. good job. alexis. >> how long have you been out >> let's get a group sing. ú%erybody belt it out all at once. >> 11. >> 11:00. >> sing for me.3 >> okay. -ll
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